Home School Partnership



At The Romsey School our aim is that you achieve your best in a learning environment that is caring and supportive.  This is best achieved through a partnership where each partner knows their responsibilities.

As a school we shall do our best to:

care for your safety and happiness

ensure that you achieve your full potential as a valued member of the school learning community

provide a balanced curriculum and meet your individual needs

achieve high standards of learning and behaviour through planning meaningful learning experiences and building good relationships which develop a sense of responsibility

keep your parents informed about general school matters & progress

be open and welcoming at all times and offer opportunities for you and your parents to become involved in the life of the school

As a parent I shall do my best to:

see that my child attends school daily, on time and properly equipped for work make the school aware of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour

support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour and mobile device use support my child in opportunities for home learning ensure the planner is signed weekly

attend parents’ evenings and discussions about my child’s progress

get to know my child’s life at the school

ensure my child wears the correct school uniform

As a pupil I shall:

Give my best effort to all my learning:

Do my best to develop the ‘Romsey Habits of Mind’ of curiosity, self-management, collaboration, resilience, creativity, reflection and empathy

Gain my stamp each lesson and aim for as many stamps & credits as possible

Listen carefully to the instructions when the teacher is talking

Follow the instructions the first time they are given

Ensure that my work is presented neatly and proof read it 

Treat others with respect as part of our caring community:

Contribute to our school by giving suggestions and thinking of new ideas that will make a difference

Always be respectful, helping others and treating them and their property as I would want to be treated

Be proud of being a member of our school community

Help my teachers to teach and my peers to learn

Avoid physical contact with others, never use bad language, never name call or tease others 

Pick up any litter even if it isn’t yours and never drop it

Bring the correct equipment every day in a school bag which is organised with:

A basic pencil case including a pen, pencil, rubber & ruler

The correct exercise books and text books for each lesson

The extra equipment needed for Technology, PE, Maths etc.

My planner and Home Learning when required

Attend school regularly and on time

By aiming for 100% attendance and being in tutor by 8.45am  

Wear the correct school uniform smartly and adhere to the acceptable use policy for mobile devices  

Accept the school’s GDPR Policy

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