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  • CIEAG at The Romsey School

    CIEAG at The Romsey School



    To ensure that every pupil leaves The Romsey School having planned and being confident in their next step. That every pupil makes their choices based on informed decisions. That every pupil develops an awareness of their individual skills and talents and aspires to get results that reflect their full potential.

    Life After School – Careers Information, Education and Guidance

    At The Romsey School we work with all our pupils to prepare them for life beyond Year 11, whether that is likely to be in Further Education, Vocational Training or in Employment. Throughout their time in school pupils experience a range of activities which are designed to introduce them to the world of work and help them understand their future options. Activities take place with each year group chosen to reflect the stage they are at in considering their future plans. Additional information relating to careers and working life is also covered as part of the curriculum in many subject areas.

    The Romsey School has a fully qualified and experienced Careers Adviser - Miss Jane Phillipps - on site (Monday-Thursday). She is able to offers pupils 1:1 guidance and to meet both pupils and parents for appointments outside normal school hours if this is more convenient.

    Miss Phillipps can be contacted on (01794) 527049 or

  • Year 7

    In Year 7 we encourage our pupils to settle into their new environment – some needing a little support and encouragement from our carefully trained Peer Supporters. We start the year with a teambuilding visit to Fairthorne Manor so that everyone can get to know each other. We then try to develop their sense of individuality by encouraging them to get involved with extra-curricular activities. Last year we invited pupils to a “Freshers Fair” which demonstrated the different clubs and societies they could join outside their academic curriculum.

    We also set them a challenge asking if they had “The R-Factor” presenting this as their opportunity to set themselves a New Year’s Resolution to get involved with a new activity that would add to their skills.

  • Year 8

    In Year 8 pupils take part in a day of activities based on "The Real Game" in which they create an ideal future lifestyle, are then given an adult job role complete with salary and realistic conditions, and are then asked to budget against the earnings of that role, which may require an adjustment to their proposed lifestyle in some cases! They also have an opportunity to compare aspects of different work roles. Part of the day involves working in teams to plan a group holiday.

    The outcome of the day should be to create a positive attitude towards the future and an understanding that they will have to manage and plan for the lifestyle that they want to achieve. The learning from this day is reinforced by a series of further activities undertaken in tutor time which begin to examine time management and diversity.

  • Year 9

    In Year 9 Pupils all have fun using "Fast Tomato", a software programme which introduces them to the idea of exploring different careers through quizzes and on-line activities.

    Two Parents evenings are held in January to inform pupils and parents of the options available to them at Key Stage 4 and update them of pupil progress so that appropriate choices can be made.

    Individual guidance is available to help pupils with their choice of options, which for some may include Vocational courses or a more individual timetable alongside the traditional range of GCSE's. There are opportunities for taster sessions in some of the vocational courses that we run on site.

  • Year 10

    In Year 10 we set aside a week off timetable where the emphasis is placed on preparation for the world of work, as all pupils take part in an enterprise project.

    This project has developed over the years and is currently run along the lines of "The Dragons Den". Pupils work together in groups to experience and practice the concepts involved in the creation of an enterprising product or scheme which then has to be presented successfully to "The Romsey Raptors".The two groups in the final compete to win by running adjacent market stalls in Romsey. Pupils are coached in various business activities by external mentors to ensure that they have the skills required to manage their project successfully. (See Resource - World Of Work Below)

    The final two days in the "World of Work" week includes workshops on Understanding Post-16 Options, (See Resource Post 16) Writing Personal Statements (See Resources Write a Personal Statement Template & Selling Yourself)

    Interview Skills (See Resource Interview Skills) and the opportunity to have a mock interview. We introduced an option to attend one of four A-level classes this year and other pupils had the choice of attending at least four from 40 different workshops delivered by Colleges, Training Organisations and a range of Career themed speakers.

    This year our "Post-16" event will conclude our "World of Work" week on Tuesday 27th June. This event allows pupils and parents to meet and talk to representatives from local colleges, training organisations and employers. We hope that the timing of this information gives pupils moving on into Year 11 an early opportunity to look at the range of options available to them leaving them free in the autumn term to make essential visits to individual open events.

    At this time pupils are asked to complete a “What Next” questionnaire (See Resource What Next?) and this together with their completed Personal Statement is handed in before the end of term to allow a full analysis of the needs of the year group. This ensures that invitations for early careers interviews in the autumn term can be suitably prioritized.


  • Year 11

    On entry to Year 11 pupils are given encouragement to consider their future choices in more detail and prepare for completing applications before Christmas. A range of additional career information and guidance activities are delivered in tutor time to reinforce appropriate understanding of these issues. Individual guidance is available to each pupil and they are encouraged to attend a careers interview.

    Hand-outs provided give details of open evening dates and events so that they are then able to make fully informed decisions about their next step. (LNK TO YEAR 11 Hand-outs) As the autumn term progresses several local colleges begin interviewing early applicants and some arrange interviews on the school site. Pupils are advised of these dates and are asked to alert Miss Phillipps if they will not be available as schedules are organised and distributed by the school.

    For pupils seeking apprenticeships information sessions are held to allow registration on the national web-site, coaching on writing a CV and guidance on how to approach potential employers.